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Lost or irreversibly damaged teeth? The solution might be a dental implant. A dental implant is the solution for problems of missing, removed, or irreversibly or only partially curable damaged teeth.

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Traditional dental implants

Traditional dental implants are inserted with a surgical procedure. The operation consists in cutting the gingiva to reach the mandibular bone and inserting a dental implant in a spot where there is sufficient bone. This operation requires much time during which a patient may be left without teeth or with a removable prosthesis. Furthermore, it is a fairly painful procedure, which requires the use of painkillers, and the healing process is not quick.


Minimally invasive dental implants

Studies and research on dental implants have brought to light new technologies and new techniques for less painful and quicker implantology procedures. IMI Clinic uses state of the art methods and carries out a minimally invasive insertion of the implants. Thanks to a slow-rotation burr, it is possible to implant the dental prosthesis quickly, without modifying the anatomical structure of the surrounding bone and gingiva, and sometimes without having to cut the tissue. Minimally invasive dental implants imply a less painful and speedier therapy, and a quick healing. IMI Clinic is a network of dental establishments that sustains state of the art research and technological and methodical innovation in the field of dental implants.

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