IMI Clinic

In 2001 Dr. Francesco Martelli founded the Institute of Research and Training (I.R.F. in Microdentistry) in Florence. The institute specialises in clinical research, innovation, new technologies and unrivalled training in the field.

The IMI clinic has been established to meet the real needs of patients. The IMI clinic benefits from the clinical experience patients from across the globe, who have been treated (to the highest therapeutic and scientific standards) at the IRF in Microdentistry in Florence.

In 2007, the first clinic in the network was opened in Rome to offer patients the same therapeutic excellence closer to home. This followed by several more openings including Turin, Padua, Milan and Naples. The network now spans across severn master clinics in Italy and 12 smaller practices.

Consequently in 2015 the historical clinic in Florence, the IRF in Microdentistry, merged with the network becoming the IMI brand’s headquarters. All Training and scientific research takes place in Florence across IRF’s central clinic and 10 other smaller practices.

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