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Periodontitis or more commonly pyorrhea is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium, i.e. all the supporting structures of the teeth: gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum, and alveolar bone.

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16Though the causes of periodontitis may be many, as are its favoring circumstances, the primary cause is always bacterial infection.

Laser therapy to cure pyorrhea is a fundamental innovation because it avoids much more invasive surgical interventions and it surpasses the usage of drugs, which aren’t able to reach the infected area.

There are two types of lasers mainly used in dentistry:

  1. A laser to work on hard tissues, such as bone and teeth
  2. A laser more apt to act selectively on soft tissues, such as gingiva and mucosa

In the specific case of laser therapy to treat periodontitis, it is the Neodymium laser waves that can painlessly and quickly reach the germs hidden in dental pockets without having to use a surgical curettage. The different wavelengths of the laser make it possible to destroy even the best hidden and difficult to reach bacteria and stimulate a quicker healing of the periodontal tissue.

Laser therapy in periodontal treatment offers the advantages of its ability to reach particularly difficult areas and because it is a painless alternative to a surgery.

Laser therapy has an important and positive therapeutic effect because:

  • It avoids flap surgery with incisions and stitches
  • It is not invasive
  • It is painless
  • It doesn’t cause localized swelling or bleeding
  • It doesn’t require anesthesia
  • Healing is faster
  • It reduces dental mobility, thanks to the closure of the pockets and the formation of a new attachment
  • It regenerates the tissues that have been subject to inflammatory degeneration
  • It makes a thorough bacterial decontamination possible
  • It has a very high success rate

The therapy involves a personalised number of laser treatments based on the patient’s specific clinical picture. It is not therefore possible to give a precise indication of the cost of laser therapy for the cure of periodontitis prior to consultation.


25The cost of a therapeutic plan for the periodontal treatment of a patient includes:

  • Cost of an in depth diagnosis based on microbiological, enzymatic and genetic tests and 3D digital x-rays (if necessary)
  • Cost of a variable number of mechanical scaling sessions with the use of the microscope
  • Cost of a variable number of laser therapy sessions
  • Cost of the repetition of the microbiological and enzymatic tests to check that the treatment was effective and the bacteria were eliminated

The cost of a periodontal consultation at IMI Clinic is £70 (£140 with panoramic radiography and quantitative enzymatic analysis (if necessary)). During the first visit, which is very detailed and lasts about one hour, the patient will receive all the explanations and answers about periodontal therapy, the efficacy of lasers in the treatment of periodontitis and the cost of treatment.

One of our expert clinicians in the treatment of periodontitis will carry out a comprehensive check of the patient’s mouth and verify the presence of periodontal pockets. They will explain the diagnostic phase, the microscope and laser procedure. A member of our team will may carry out an enzymatic test that will verify the presence in the mouth of a possible active periodontal inflammation.

The enzymatic test requires very little time (10 minutes approx.) and must be carried out at least one hour after brushing teeth or having eaten or chewed gum.

Call us or email us for more information on enzymatic test, first visit or periodontal laser therapy.

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