Laser dental treatments for pyorrhoea

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IMI Clinic cures periodontitis with laser treatments, allowing you to undergo non-invasive and efficient therapies that employ the latest technologies and allow laser treatments for any kind of periodontal disease.

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The know how and professional expertise acquired in time in curing periodontitis (pyorrhoea) have allowed IMI Clinic to offer cutting-edge dental therapies and treatments, using both laser technology and operating microscope, and defeating the periodontal pathology in an efficient and definitive way.


Efficient laser treatments for the cure of periodontitis

IMI Clinic provides bespoke treatments that foresee the use of an operating microscope and laser technology, which allows for an efficient and painless treatment of periodontal disease and its relapses.

A team of specialists will be at your complete disposal, offering a laser treatment for each kind of periodontal disease: a personalised therapy designed to definitively resolve the problem with non-invasive interventions.

IMI Clinic’s commitment goes well beyond laser treatments to cure periodontitis. For some years, in fact, the network has shown particular interest for research projects in the dental field.

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