Microscope and Laser in Dentistry

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Therapies with laser and microscope in dentistry

IMI Clinic stands apart from other odontology centers in its interest for advanced technologies and research in the field of dentistry.

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The use of laser and microscope in dental procedures and treatments is a modern innovation that makes it possible to markedly improve the effectiveness of therapies.

The laser in dentistry

microscope-laser-dentistryUsing a laser in dentistry, as opposed to scalpel and traditional surgery, means treating patients with less invasive and painful technologies, which are often more precise and yield better results.

Features of laser treatment:

  • Painless
  • Accurate
  • Quick
  • Bactericidal effect
  • Allows for easy hemostatic control and thus ensures a practically total absence of bleeding


The microscope in dentistry

Using a microscope in dentistry makes for a precision during procedures and therapy that wouldn’t be possible with the bare eye. In IMI Clinic clinics, surgical microscopes are used in all therapies, such as treatments for periodontitis, endodontics, aesthetics, and implantology.

Advanced dentistry technologies are the result of IMI Clinics’s research and investments to ensure better cures for patients, with shorter times and better results.

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