Minimally invasive dental implantology

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Dental innovation thanks to minimally invasive implantology

Medical technologies and research are aimed to the improvement of our lives, first of all curing our health problems.

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Another objective of dental medical developments is the achievement of therapies that can be as painless as possible. Thanks to anesthesia and painkillers, today it is possible to face invasive procedures, but dental research aims to limit the pain during and after a treatment. Minimally invasive dental implantology is one of the results of the studies and technological innovations in this area.

Minimal invasiveness in dental implant procedures

Dental implantology means inserting a prosthesis in the place of a diseased or fallen tooth. The prosthesis is implanted in the mandibular bone after an incision of the gingiva.

Once, this procedure implied a long operation, a lengthy healing, and great pain.

Today, instead, dental implantology is minimally invasive. As per its name, minimally invasive implantology makes it possible to carry out the operation with a minor biological cost, minor pain and quicker healing time.


Advantages of minimally invasive dental implantology

  • Cutting the gingiva isn’t always necessary
  • The bone in which the prosthesis will be implanted is burred at low speed so its structure isn’t much altered
  • Should you require bone regeneration, it is possible to carry it out during the implant procedure
  • It more rarely require bone grafts
  • The prostheses can be inserted after a short time and it is possible to extract a sick tooth and immediately implant the prostheses
  • It reduces the necessity for suturing, and thus also of bacterial attacks
  • It reduces post-operative swelling and pain

IMI Clinic is a network of dental practices that supports research and technological and procedural innovations with the aim of improving dental implantology.

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