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Periodontitis: treatments and therapies

The dental treatments offered by IMI Clinic to cure periodontal diseases are technologically advanced and truly innovative.

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The non-surgical treatment of pyorrhea promoted by IMI Clinic requires the use of specific lasers that are capable of eliminating bacteria, even in the more hidden pockets. This is the trait that makes IMI CLINIC’s treatment truly revolutionary, because bacteria are the true cause of periodontal disease and its relapses.

Thanks to surgical microscope and high-power lasers, the treatments and therapies for periodontal disease developed by IMI Clinic have markedly reduced times, pain, risk of infections, and increased the success rate of the therapy.


What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, aka pyorrhea or periodontitis, is the infection of the periodontium. The periodontium is the organ that is in charge of holding up the teeth, i.e. it is the totality of bones, gums, and tendons. Bacterial attacks can cause the inflammation of these areas and lead to periodontal disease, which, in serious cases and in the presence of a severe chronic inflammation, can lead to the loss of the afflicted teeth.


Symptoms of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is displayed through bleeding gums, the presence of pockets of pus in the oral cavity, and the shifting or motility of the teeth.

Periodontitis is an extremely annoying disease, which seriously affects the patient’s quality of life and has serious consequences, because it risks compromising the afflicted teeth while worsening several systemic illnesses. Thanks to the new technologies and therapies developed by IMI Clinic, treatments for the disease of the periodontium have very positive results and high chances of total healing.
IMI Clinic is a network of dental practices that supports research and technological and procedural innovations for the cure and treatment of periodontal diseases.

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