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Periodontitis treatment using PERIOBLAST™, the IMI Clinic exclusive method

The IMI method, called PERIOBLAST™ (PERIOdontal Bio Laser ASsisted Therapy) – perfected by Dr. Francesco Martelli who has more than 30 years experience – is based on the permanent treatment of periodontal disease using a technologically advanced method that does not involve surgery and is pain-free for patients.

Periodontitis treatment with PERIOBLAST™ uses  the surgical microscope and laser. This means it is possible to treat periodontitis without resorting to traditional surgery which is rarelyable to guarantee an effective treatment for this disease and its relapses.

The surgical microscope allows root treatment, without having to open the gums, and by using the laser it is possible to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that settles in areas normally not accessible by pharmaceutical equipment. As already mentioned above, traditional surgical periodontitis treatment is not able to radically eliminate these microorganisms, as they generally settle in hard to reach areas of the mouth. This then means that healing is ineffective, with the risk of possible relapses for the patient.

In addition traditional pyorrhoea treatment also has other drawbacks.

It requires the performing of endodontic and prosthetic treatments (nerve devitalisation, root canals, bridges and crowns) which may leave roots exposed, causing subsequent aesthetic damage or increased tooth sensitivity.

Treating periodontitis in this way is not always successful, especially in extremely aggressive cases or those that are refractory to treatment.

Instead, the IMI Clinic PERIOBLAST™ is based on non-surgical treatment that offers a number of advantages:

  • In the majority of cases, there is no need to anaesthetise the patient
  • It immediately eliminates gingival bleeding.
  • It reduces or totally eliminates the problem of loose teeth.
  • It eliminates the physical and psychological discomfort caused by surgery.
  • It closes the periodontal pockets
  • It regenerates the periodontal tissues such as the bone and ligament.
  • It guarantees a much higher success rate.
  • It eliminates relapses (recurrence).
  • It reduces the biological and economic costs incurred for patients.


The IMI Clinic today represents the most technologically advanced partner for the treatment of periodontitis. By carefully exploring this website you will have the chance to discover in detail the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of IMI., You can get in touch with us at any time to make an appointment for a diagnosis or treatment designed to meet your specific needs.

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