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The term Endodontics refers to the medical science forming part of dentistry that concentrates on the soft tissues inside the teeth and their diseases, which performs treatments for overcoming the latter. In particular, we can say that endodontics carries out treatment of the endodontium, where the nerve endings and dental pulp is found.

Nerve devitalisation or endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment (also known as devitalisation or channelling) is carried out by removing the inflamed and contaminated dental pulp (dental nerve) along the entire length of the roots. Subsequently, the channels are disinfected, reshaped and filled with special materials. Following the devitalisation, the tooth will be decontaminated and no longer inflamed, allowing it to resume its mastication function again as though it were still vital.

The surgical microscope in endodontics

The use of the surgical microscope in endodontics offers the following advantages:

  • It allows for an accurate assessment of the endodontic anatomy, while also ensuring complete cleansing and avoiding damage that could easily be caused by working in extremely small spaces (dimly lit by traditional lamps). The deep disinfection of the channelling system is also obtained via the use of a laser that reduces the number of unsuccessful endodontic operations.
  • It speeds up healing times to avoid peri-apical lesions.
  • Immediate endodontics can be carried out to cleanse, reshape and fill the entire root canal system in a single session.


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