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Tartar removal is a procedure applied by the dental hygienist to eliminate deposits of plaque and tartar that accumulate over time on the surfaces of the teeth as well as under the gums. This ensures a higher level of oral hygiene not possible from at-home routines.

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This is carried out at IMI Clinic during the PERIOBLAST™ treatment with the aid of the surgical microscope which, thanks to its powerful magnifying lens and concentrated light, guarantees an in-depth and complete cleaning of the mouth in a painless and non-invasive manner.

The treatment consists of a series of sessions during which, as the bleeding gradually stops, it is possible to work at increasingly greater depths in the periodontal pockets. An air-water syringe that shifts the gum margin using an air jet offers access to the pockets themselves. Periodontal pockets tend to be very small and invisible to the naked eye, but the microscope makes it possible to carry out treatment, while avoiding surgery.


During the sessions, ultrasound instruments and manual instruments (scalers and courettes) are used to eliminate plaque and tartar underneath and on top of the gums. In the event that superficial pigmentations(which retain plaque and tartar) show up, these are also eliminated thanks to a handpiece that emits a jet of water, air and bicarbonate, called an Air Flow.

The last step performed consists of a finishing process of the interdental spaces via the passing of dental floss and abrasive strips, followed by polishing of the surfaces of the teeth with a brush and special abrasive polish.

This treatment is translated into an easy-to-follow regime that the patient can adopt at home:  they are shown how to perfect the brushing technique and are offered various tools to ensure correct and effective oral health routine at home.


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