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Going to the dentist is an experience that causes many people to feel anxious at best and for some people it fills them with terror! However all patients deserve and have a right to expect safe, appropriate pain and anxiety control whilst undergoing dental treatment. That is why here at IMI clinic we understand this and we give great care and make every effort to make your visit to us as comfortable as possible. We adopt an understanding, respectful approach, listening to your concerns carefully. We have dental sedation facilities for those who have a fear or phobia about any dental treatments or require an extraction or surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth. If you are apprehensive about treatment we have a sedation service for your comfort and peace of mind. We believe an integral part of success with dental procedures and with nervous patients is removing anxiety – sometimes this is best achieved through sedation.

Conscious Sedation – Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is one of the most common ways to deal with dental anxiety or stress. IV sedation is a safe and effective way for nervous patients to undergo dental treatment. This involves intravenous use of an anti anxiety drug (midazolam) administered in a controlled manner resulting in an altered state of consciousness. It induces a deep sate of relaxation and a feeling of calm. You will remain conscious throughout the treatment and will be able to respond to questions and requests. While you peacefully relax and may fall into a light sleep our highly trained and friendly team will constantly monitor you.

After the procedure

Full recovery from drugs is not usually achieved at the dentist’s office and you may still need to be escorted by an adult. You will not be able to drive after the procedure until you have fully recovered.
Make sure that a responsible escort is welling to stay with you until you are fully alert.

We are very proud at IMI Dental clinic to offer IV sedation to the highest standards administered by qualified, experienced and skilled dentists. If you think you will benefit from treatment under sedation, please ring the clinic and our sedation nurse will explain exactly what happens during sedation treatment and put to rest any worries you might have.

Information for Referring Dentists

Our sedation dentists are also taking referrals from fellow dentists throughout Yorkshire. If you have an anxious or dental phobic patient that you believe would benefit from having their treatment under dental sedation then please complete the relevant form.


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