Periodontitis Therapy

IMI Clinic

IMI CLINIC: non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease

The IMI Clinic founded by Doctor Francesco Martelli treat all the diseases of the oral cavity. They especially stand out for their non-invasive, biologically guided treatment of the Periodontal Disease, with the aim of repairing the anatomical, functional, and esthetic damage connected to it.

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periodontitis-therapyPeriodontitis is an infection that attacks the tissues sustaining the teeth (periodontium) and afflicts 70% of the Italian population in different forms, the most aggressive becoming manifest in an early age. If periodontitis isn’t adequately treated, it inevitably leads to tooth loss.

The symptoms of periodontitis are easy to self-diagnose, but sadly they are often underestimated:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Halitosis
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Tooth shifting and motility

When these symptoms become manifest you need to see a dentist for a consultation. If periodontitis isn’t diagnosed in a timely fashion, the bacteria residing in the gingiva can attack the mandibular bone causing its demineralization and the subsequent loss of teeth.

At IMI CLINIC it is possible to cure periodontitis definitively with a non-surgical therapy thanks to surgical microscope and laser.


IMI Clinics: a new approach to periodontitis treatments

At our clinics patients undergo microbiological and enzymatic tests essential to evaluate the health condition of the mouth.

Thanks to complete diagnostic plans based on molecular biology, our dentists devise a personalized treatment plan for every patient and follow them with care and devotion through the various therapies that lead to healing and the prevention of relapses.

IMI CLINIC is a network of dental clinics that share the constant search for perfection in the field of state of the art technologies and innovative treatments in all procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, for the patient’s exclusive benefit.

To achieve this aim, the network employs teams of young dentists and oral hygienists, carefully selected for their human and professional qualities, and skilled specifically in the use of new technologies, in particular lasers and surgical microscope. The know-how is transferred to the clinics thanks to a constant formation of the medical and paramedical personnel offered by the Istituto di Ricerca e Formazione in Microdentistry, a reference point worldwide, whose clinical and formative experience developed over 25 years of activity. Our doctors move from one office to the other, sharing their experience and stimulating a profound personal and team development in the context of a constant professional growth.

In this manner, the clinics can quickly give definitive answers even to very complex problems, such as aggressive periodontitis or peri-implantitis.

The team of IMI CLINIC researchers develops its scientific projects with the partnership of the Biomolecular Diagnostic lab that the clinics also use for periodontal and microbiological risk assessment.

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