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The International Microdentistry Institute (IMI) Clinic, founded by Dr. Francesco Martelli, treat all the diseases of the oral cavity. In particular, they are renowned for their non-invasive and biologically-guided treatment of periodontal disease, aimed at finding a solution for the for the health, function and aesthetics of teeth and gums issues linked to this disease.

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IMI is part of a network of dental clinics that share the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the field of dentistry though technology and innovation in all the procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to benefit patients.


IMI provide specialist training to make sure every member has a thorough understanding of the unique technologies used, which includes the surgical microscope and laser.

The “Network” know-how is transferred to the clinics via ongoing training from the Institute of Research and Training in Microdentistry (Italy), a globally-recognised centre of excellence that boasts clinical and training experience of over 25 years of activity.

The “Network” encourages collaborative learning and experience-sharing. Within this framework, the clinics are able to rapidly provide answers to very complex problems that an ordinary dental surgery would struggle to solve, such as aggressive periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

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