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At IMI Clinic extra care is taken to create a welcoming environment and a relationship of trust between patients and the staff of the clinic.

At IMI Clinic, steps are to reassure any anxious patients, who will be accessing very long and complex treatments.

So what does patient care in IMI Clinic actually consist of?

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Our waiting rooms are equipped with wide-screen TVs and ADSL connections, as well as multimedia entertainment systems for use during treatment. All our clinics are fitted with TV sets connected to surgical microscopes so patients and accompanying persons are able to, if they wish, follow the intervention in all its phases.

All the clinics are equipped with special first-aid kits for handling any medical emergencies in compliance with the international protocols of the BLSD (Basic Life Support Defibrillation) and with specifically trained medical and paramedical staff.

We offer the chance to pay for the treatments in instalments with subsidised zero-interest rate loans.

The therapeutic approach of the IMI Clinic focuses constantly on reducing the invasiveness of every type of treatment, thanks to the integrated exploitation of new technology, an exclusive heritage developed over years of ceaseless research by Dr. Francesco Martelli.

The minimally invasive techniques, such as the mandatory use of the surgical microscope and laser technology, offer numerous advantages. These include, first and foremost, the relieving of intra-operative pain and the promise of minimal post-op discomfort.

Thanks to the use of these aids, and early diagnosis, all diseases can now be treated with success!


Fear of the dentist

We often come across anxious patients who suffer from dentophobia, meaning that they are afraid of the dentist. However, thanks to specialist staff training and our minimally invasive approach, we are able to treat even the most apprehensive patients. Using the surgical microscope and high-power laser, trauma and pain during treatment and post-op discomfort is reduced.


Hygiene and sterilisation

At IMI, we take hygiene and sterilisation very seriously to ensure no cross-contamination between patients.

Every patient is required to wear shoe-covers and use hand sanitizers when they arrive at the clinic.

Similarly, our staff use disposable gloves, masks, and glasses during every consultation.

After each patient has received treatment, one of our staff changes all instruments used and covers all machinery with a protective sheet to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. Dental instruments also undergo a strict disinfection, decontamination and sterilisation programme. Our clinics have been awarded ISO 9001 certification which guarantees high-quality standards and ensures our procedures are constantly benchmarked against this criteria.


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Recent studies have reinforced the hypothesis that once the bacteria associated with periodontal disease get into the bloodstream they provoke a persistent bacteraemia, thereby playing a role, both directly and indirectly, in the onset of numerous other systemic diseases, in particular, cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), diabetes, lung disease, pregnancy complications and osteoporosis.

The IMI promotes, sponsors and finances research projects in the field of dentistry, sharing the results with all the associated structures through ongoing training and periodic refresher courses for the dentists, hygienists, and auxiliary staff.

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