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Diabetes and its consequences on oral health

Pubblicato il 20 February 2020

Is there a correlation between diabetes and oral health? What are the implications of the former on the latter? The connection between greater or less severe dental conditions and diabetes exists and should never be underestimated but rather understood and managed correctly to reduce any dangerous effect. It is also necessary to remember that there is a strong link […]


Vitamin K2: everything you should know about it

Pubblicato il 20 January 2020

What do you know about vitamin K2? Would you be able to list its characteristics and explain the importance it has on your overall health? In this article, we will cover all the fundamental notions about this particular vitamin, also known as “menaquinone,” and considered to be a primary ally in the anti-aging process, the prevention […]


When calcium in excess becomes dangerous: atherosclerosis

Pubblicato il 16 January 2020

Atherosclerosis is a chronic condition that affects the arteries, especially those of medium and large size. Because of its severity, this disease can act as a precursor for strokes and heart attacks. Thus, it is vital to know and understand its causes, symptoms and effects, and adapt our behaviour accordingly. It is important to remember that atherosclerosis is not […]

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Osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D deficiency: what is the connection?

Pubblicato il 19 August 2019

Is osteoporosis linked to calcium and vitamin D deficiency? The short answer would be yes. However, it deserves further, more in-depth analysis. Despite the common belief that calcium is the best mineral to keep your bones (and teeth!) in great shape, remember that vitamin D is just as important because it also contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis. More specifically, what vitamin D […]

IMI aesthetic recovery and rehabilitation of teeth

The aesthetic recovery and rehabilitation of teeth: what is it?

Pubblicato il 26 July 2019

Can teeth be aesthetically recovered and rehabilitated? The answer is: yes. This is made possible by a branch of dentistry that aims at reestablishing the natural physiognomy of a healthy mouth. When periodontal disease affects the teeth, it does so under both a functional perspective and an aesthetic point of view. The more the disease progresses, the more the affected teeth will change their appearance: they will become wobbly, […]

IMI - Conservative Dentistry

What is restorative dentistry and when is it necessary?

Pubblicato il 17 July 2019

Have you ever heard about conservative dentistry? Do you know what it is, how it works and when it is necessary to restore your oral health? Let’s take a step back and start by defining conservative dentistry, which can be described as a branch of the so-called “restorative dentistry”. It specializes in the treatment of decayed teeth – a common problem that affects many people […]

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Microbiota and microbiome: what is the difference?

Pubblicato il 9 July 2019

More often than not, the terms microbiota and microbiome are considered interchangeable. However, they actually refer to two entirely different concepts and, despite the subtle differences, it is essential to distinguish the former from the latter. The microbiota Let’s start with the microbiota. The word refers to clusters of microorganisms that live and prosper in specific environments. In the human body, there are many […]


Teeth whitening: how does it work? Is it expensive?

Pubblicato il 1 July 2019

How does teeth whitening work? How long does it last? Is it expensive? Today there are different options in terms of teeth whitening. This process can be performed at home, with the use of several brands of bleaching agents that can be purchased in stores or, for a better and more professional result, at your dental office. In general terms, teeth whitening is based on a relatively simple process: a […]

IMI Microbiota Intestinale

Intestinal microbiota: what it is and why it is so important

Pubblicato il 26 June 2019

Have you ever heard of the intestinal microbiota, also known as gut microbiota? And do you know how important it is for our overall health? Let’s start with a few definitions. The term microbiota encompasses the entirety of the many microorganisms that reside in a living organism. In the human species, different parts of the body house clusters or bacteria, viruses and fungi: therefore, we […]


Halitosis: why it’s connected to periodontitis and how to manage successfully

Pubblicato il 18 June 2019

Halitosis and periodontal disease are strictly related, and the former is one of the first symptoms of the latter. Especially when bad breath is a persistent or even chronic problem, the chances that it might be related to periodontitis are very high. But let’s step back and review the definition, first. Halitosis indicates the unpleasant smell emitted when a person breathes or speaks, […]

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How a healthy mouth influences your self-esteem and personal & professional interactions

Pubblicato il 10 June 2019

Did you know that oral health – which, best case scenario, equals to a healthy mouth – affects not only your self-esteem, your personal and professional interactions, but even your mental wellbeing? The impact of a healthy mouth on self-esteem and overall wellbeing is no news. Several surveys and studies have been conducted on the matter. But in general terms, it is […]

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Bad breath: one of the biggest social turnoffs. How can you prevent it?

Pubblicato il 27 May 2019

Bad breath is the ultimate social turnoff. It’s not only a logical thought and a generally accepted opinion, but also the result of a 2012 survey conducted by an e-cig company. It’s also interesting to notice that halitosis is considered one of the most detrimental aspects of social interactions by both genders: the perception is, therefore, transversal. The same results were confirmed […]

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Smoking is bad for your teeth: here is how it damages your mouth

Pubblicato il 30 April 2019

Smoking is not just a terrible and harmful habit for your body, but it also affects the wellbeing of your mouth in its entirety. It is a known fact that smoking causes severe damages to gums and teeth as it reduces the blood flow to the gums, which, in turn, causes gum disease – the prelude to periodontitis. However, more often than not, smokers are unaware of […]

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IMI Clinic in London: your laser periodontal treatment performed by Doctor Francesco Martelli

Pubblicato il 16 April 2019

Only at our London clinic, will you have the opportunity to undergo our exclusive Nano Pulse Laser Periodontal Treatment for a non-surgical, non-invasive and pain-free approach, a solution for one of the subtlest and most severe oral conditions: pyorrhoea. Did you know that, when treated inappropriately, periodontal disease is a degenerative condition that, in its final stages, causes permanent tooth loss? […]

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Looking for a painless treatment for periodontal disease? Discover our non-surgical approach

Pubblicato il 26 March 2019

Did you know there is a practical, non-invasive, painless and non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease? At IMI Clinic, we have perfected what we call Periodontal Bio Laser Assisted Therapy (Perioblast™), an innovative protocol to treat periodontitis efficiently and successfully. Unlike traditional periodontal treatments, Perioblast™ involves the systematic and combined use of an operating microscope and a high-power laser, and therefore allows the treatment of periodontal disease […]

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Periodontal disease in young adults: a widespread condition deserving of more attention

Pubblicato il 14 March 2019

There is insufficient awareness regarding the widespread impact of periodontal disease in young adults. This is mostly due to the fact that its first symptoms go often unnoticed, as they are very subtle and can easily be ignored. However, unless treated correctly, periodontal disease evolves into a chronic and extremely pervasive problem and, in its final stages, leads to tooth loss. Periodontal […]


Oral health in the UK: why is tooth extraction so common in youngsters?

Pubblicato il 4 March 2019

When it comes to oral health in the UK, the latest data indicates that tooth extraction is particularly prevalent in youngsters. This could be referred to as a “tooth decay epidemic,” at least according to the 2018 NHS spending data. The survey states that nearly 43,000 hospital procedures involving the extraction of multiple teeth from patients not older than eighteen years of age have […]

IMI CLINIC laser tech

Laser technology for the treatment of periodontal disease: all you need to know

Pubblicato il 20 February 2019

IMI Clinic specializes in the non-invasive, pain-free and non-surgical approach to periodontal disease thanks to what we call “Bio Laser Assisted Therapy.” This procedure has been perfected by internationally renowned Dr. Francesco Martelli, and is based on the permanent and definitive treatment of pyorrhea through the employment of the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced methods. IMI Clinic treats periodontal […]

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Pubblicato il 11 February 2019

IMI Clinic is specialized in the non-invasive, pain-free and non-surgical approach to periodontal disease thanks to what we call “Bio Laser Assisted Therapy.” This procedure has been perfected by internationally renowned Dr. Francesco Martelli, and is based on the permanent and definitive treatment of pyorrhea through the employment of the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced methods. IMI Clinic treats […]

Closeup portrait of young woman showing, with his finger, inflamed upper gingiva with pain expression. Dental care and toothache.


Pubblicato il 31 January 2019

Gum disease is a common condition that affects up to nine out of ten people in the United Kingdom. This disease interests the tissues surrounding our teeth, causing swelling, redness and sometimes even pain in the gum region. Although too often ignored, gum disease, if left untreated, can affect the mouth greatly, and damage the bone and ligaments that hold […]

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