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The aesthetic recovery and rehabilitation of teeth: what is it?

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Can teeth be aesthetically recovered and rehabilitated? The answer is: yes. This is made possible by a branch of dentistry that aims at reestablishing the natural physiognomy of a healthy mouth.

When periodontal disease affects the teeth, it does so under both a functional perspective and an aesthetic point of view. The more the disease progresses, the more the affected teeth will change their appearance: they will become wobbly, lose their natural colorgums will begin to recede and show an altered “look” in the whole mouth, and tooth roots will be exposed. These changes may vary in speed based on several different factors, but they are, all in all, inevitable from periodontal patients who are not appropriately treated.

Therefore, together with sanitizing procedures aimed at restoring the health of the affected mouth, it is also essential that periodontists perform an aesthetic treatment of periodontal patients. The goal is, in this case, to recreate the proper alignment of the teeth and the natural profile of the gums.

Aesthetic recovery and rehabilitation is not an easy task for periodontal patients. The overall goal is to overcome visual defects that can be, on some occasions, extremely noticeable – all the while restoring the functionality of a severely compromised mouth.

Nowadays, advanced procedures and new technologies have mostly substituted the traditional prosthetic treatment made of crown and bridges, not only for its strenuous biological costs for the patient, but also because it usually includes a quite traumatic set of experiences and a long time to be fully performed.

Here at IMI Clinic, the aesthetic recovery and rehabilitation of the teeth is the result of the application of innovative techniques that entail the use of veneers and adhesive fibers.

Adhesive fibers are made of a thin, high-density polyethylene tape that is used to stabilize the dental elements at risk of mobility. Subsequently, high-quality veneers are applied to the fiber by using a special glue: veneers are thin, sophisticated layers of vitrified resin composite designed to cover the surface of ruined teeth and recreate the visual effect of healthy and unaffected teeth, both in terms of size and position.

This technique is not only non-invasive and painless for the patient, but also way quicker if compared to the traditional treatment we spoke about above. Veneers and adhesive fibers are also non-toxic, safe and extremely functional, very stable and they guarantee the patients a quicker, more satisfying result both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

This way, the patients will have the chance to experience once again a healthy, natural smile that not only looks flawless, but is also devoid of any further issue – as the aesthetic recovery is always coupled with the functional restoration of the mouth.

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