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Laser technology for the treatment of periodontal disease: all you need to know

Posted on 20 February 2019 with 0 comments

IMI Clinic specializes in the non-invasive, pain-free and non-surgical approach to periodontal disease thanks to what we call “Bio Laser Assisted Therapy.” This procedure has been perfected by internationally renowned Dr. Francesco Martelli, and is based on the permanent and definitive treatment of pyorrhea through the employment of the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced methods.

IMI Clinic treats periodontal disease using the operating microscope and a high-power laser. This approach allows for the treatment of patients without resorting to traditional surgery, which, conversely, cannot guarantee an effective management of this condition and the chance of relapses.

On the other hand, the operating microscope allows root treatments without any need of incision of the gums, while the high-power laser eliminates the pathogenic bacteria that accumulate in areas that are usually very difficult to reach even by the most skilled periodontist, or even pharmaceuticals. Since traditional surgical periodontal treatment cannot entirely eliminate the harmful bacteria residing in periodontal pockets, healing results to be ineffective and temporary, and relapses are frequent.


Laser technology for the treatment of periodontal disease is based on a non-surgical approach that guarantees our patients several different advantages. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of the IMI method:

  • No need to resort to anesthesia, in the majority of cases
  • The treatment immediately eliminates gingival bleeding
  • It reduces or eliminates halitosis (bad breath) and loose teeth
  • It avoids the physical and emotional discomfort caused by traditional surgery
  • It successfully manages to close periodontal pockets
  • It regenerates periodontal tissues, such as ligament and bone
  • It is extremely cost-effective
  • It guarantees a much higher success rate
  • It significantly reduces or even eliminates possible relapses (recurrence)
  • It reduces the biological and economic costs incurred for the patient

Our non-surgical approach to periodontal disease includes sophisticated molecular biological analyses to establish a completely personalized approach and therapy based on unbiased and unique data. Our goal is not only to treat periodontal disease in the most efficient and non-painful way, but also to restore our patients’ overall oral health through a non-invasive method.

Thanks to new-generation microbiological tests, we are able to assess the quantity and quality of the bacterial population in the periodontal pockets during the different stages of the treatment, and thus understand the evolution or remission of the disease. Our tests also indicate specific information regarding the patient’s immune response and point out the presence of a potential hereditary susceptibility.

Get in touch with IMI Clinic now and book an appointment: we will evaluate your personal situation and establish a customized treatment for you.

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