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Looking for a painless treatment for periodontal disease? Discover our non-surgical approach

Posted on 26 March 2019 with 0 comments

Did you know there is a practical, non-invasive, painless and non-surgical treatment for periodontal disease?

At IMI Clinic, we have perfected what we call Periodontal Bio Laser Assisted Therapy (Perioblast™), an innovative protocol to treat periodontitis efficiently and successfully. Unlike traditional periodontal treatments, Perioblast™ involves the systematic and combined use of an operating microscope and a high-power laser, and therefore allows the treatment of periodontal disease without needing to resort to lengthy and extremely uncomfortable surgery procedures.

Specifically, the operating microscope allows us to treat the roots of the teeth, avoiding the incision of the gums, while the high-power laser makes it possible to eliminate pathogenic bacteria that have accumulated in areas of the mouth otherwise unreached by pharmacological medication.

Perioblast™ represents a cutting-edge diagnostic approach that focuses on the general wellbeing of the patient and on the effective and timely management of periodontal disease, an extremely aggressive and persistent inflammation that not only causes tooth loss but also impacts the body in its entirety. This is why it is essential to guarantee a more technologically advanced treatment method for all patients.

The molecular biology analyses carried out at IMI Clinic allow the establishment of a personalized periodontal treatment for each patient, based on the objective data from our laboratories. Thanks to Perioblast™, we are able to get to the root of the problem and restore the mouth to pristine health in a painless and non-invasive manner.

Our microbiological tests performed during the different phases of our treatment provide an accurate overview of the bacterial population present in the periodontal pockets; an essential detail to understand the evolution or remission of the disease, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Let’s take a closer look at Perioblast™ to better understand how and why it works:

  • The entire therapeutic procedure is performed using the operating microscope
  • The treatment aims at re-establishing all periodontal pockets back to full health
  • Results are validated objectively through pre- and post-op microbiological analyses
  • The wellbeing of the mouth is maintained via the effective control of possible relapses

There are several benefits in choosing Perioblast™ as your periodontal treatment:

  • It does not require any anaesthesia
  • It immediately eliminates gum bleeding
  • It reduces and/or gets rid of tooth mobility
  • It closes periodontal pockets
  • It regenerates periodontal tissues, such as bones and ligaments
  • It preserves tooth functionality
  • It guarantees a much higher success rate
  • It prevents the emergence of any relapses

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