Dentistry: Pyorrhea Treatments

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What is pyorrhea?

Pyorrhea is a bacterial inflammation that afflicts the tissues supporting the teeth, especially the periodontium: in fact, it is also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease.

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IMI Clinic, who over the past twenty years have accurately studied this disease and the unquestionable physical, psychological, and social malaise that it brings to those whom it afflicts, have developed new, highly technological therapeutic protocols with the aim of curing pyorrhea definitively, but also in the least invasive and most painless manner possible.

IMI Clinic’s treatments for periodontal disease are non-surgical.

Putting yourselves in the hands of the specialists at IMI Clinic means receiving the most technologically advanced therapies with the highest chances of success for the cure of pyorrhea. Treating pyorrhea has never been so easy.


Non-surgical techniques for treating pyorrhea

If you are looking for a dentist to treat your pyorrhea, IMI Clinic offers the best solution thanks to a network of specialized professionals who will be at your complete disposal to solve any kind of disease.

IMI Clinic’s clinics offer effective solutions for the treatment of pyorrhea and all the diseases tied to the dental apparatus, using non-surgical and non-invasive techniques that make it possible to treat pyorrhea definitively without surgery.

A team of dental specialists will be at your complete disposal and will follow you professionally and with great care in every phase, bringing back a perfect oral health.

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