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The most advanced equipment for treating pyorrhoea. The high technological standards observed at IMI Clinic care not limited to surgical practice.

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The diagnostic procedures that we used to treat our patients use the most advanced equipment including the Computerised Axial Tomography which allows for assessing the bone volume, the defects and specific anatomical features, as well as the spatial arrangement of the dental elements and the different types of lesions in the three spatial dimensions. The status of a patient’s oral health is digitally displayed on our screens, offering a more detailed radiographic image of the teeth that can be viewed during treatment


PERIOBLAST™ : A biologically-guided treatment protocol

In addition, our treatment protocol is biologically-guided meaning it is crafted with the specific characteristics of each individual patient and the effective conditions of the periodontal disease in mind.

The innovative technologies used by the  Biomolecular Diagnostic Laboratory  make it possible for us to achieve accurate analyses of the bacteria in the periodontal pockets (microbiological analyses) as well as the quality of the immune and inflammatory response modified by the subject’s typical genetic expression (genetic test).

An additional diagnostic exam is also expected to be launched in the future, linking the analysis of the enzymatic activity involved in the tissue destruction typical of  chronic inflammation, and therefore, of periodontitis. This exam is named after the enzymatic test and involves the expression of Metalloproteinases II.

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