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The real technological revolution in the field of dentistry is the mandatory use of the surgical microscope. This instrument allows us to see essential details and angles that are invisible to the naked eye.

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The surgical microscope has also entered into play in other medical sectors as well, due to the need to operate on small and poorly little parts of the body. This has made it possible advance quality in the fields of ophthalmology, neurosurgery, ENT and vascular surgery.

The surgical microscope in dentistry

The surgical microscope was introduced in dentistry at the beginning of the eighties. However, at this time it was far less advanced and too awkward to be handled efficiently. The modern surgical microscopes used by IMI Clinic have instead been designed exclusively for use in the dental field and for ensuring the utmost precision for dental surgeons in their therapeutic treatments.
Still today however, the surgical microscope is used almost exclusively in endodontic treatments. On the contrary it is used every day at IMI Clinic, as it results in high standards that enable us to provide our patients with top quality care.


Advantages of the surgical microscope in dentistry

In addition to enhancing vision, the surgical microscope also provides direct and stronger lighting that is not possible with lamps that are normally used in  dental clinics. The surgical microscope is a  fundamental instrument right from the diagnostic stage, as it enables you  to intercept initial decay or micro-fractures of teeth in a timely manner.

In periodontology, the surgical microscope enables deep cleaning of the periodontal pockets, as well as  the elimination of the bacteria lurking inside. In endodontics, the surgical microscope ensures improved visibility of the root canals to be cleaned and in conservative and prosthetic surgery it makes it possible to work with greater precision and accuracy; ensuring much higher quality of  results.

Besides making the interventions less invasive (thanks to the greater precision), the use of the surgical microscope also ensures a more ergonomic postural position for patients and dentists alike, rendering lengthy interventions (such as surgery) more comfortable and less tiring for both parties.

In addition, the signals from the surgical microscope in our clinics are projected onto screens that are affixed to the wall in front of the patient. By doing this the patient  can follow the dental treatment step by step and see what is happening inside his/her mouth. Simultaneously, the dental assistants will have the same visibility as the dental surgeons, and will therefore  be able to assist the dentist  more efficiently during the treatments.

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